the wheel workers - citizens


"They are simultaneously brilliant and down-to-earth, sincerely progressive and catchy as hell, that rare band that can incorporate thoughtful politics into music while keeping things fun and engaging...The Wheel Workers are freaking awesome, and [with Citizens] they’ve gone a very different direction from the path they marched down last time. And it’s good. Oh, is it good." - Jeremy Hart, Space City Rock


"On their third full-length album, Citizens .... is Higginbotham's best and most fully realized set of songs to date." - Chris Gray, Houston Press

"Loving our latest track premiere ["Yodel" by] Houston's brightest hope. Damn. Seriously righteous."  - BLURT

"if you happened to miss when I said that this record was top notch, then I’ll just say again that it’s a true masterpiece.." - David Garrick, Free Press Houston


Vocals, Guitar / Steven Higginbotham

Keyboard, Vocals / Allison Mcphail

Keyboard, Guitar / Craig Wilkins

Bass / Matthew Schwabenbauer

Drums / Tyson Sheth




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News & Updates


We are thrilled to announce that we were nominated for EIGHT Houston Press Music Awards! 

Nominated for: Best Local Recording, Best Local Song, Best Local Music Video, Local Musician of the Year, Best Live Act, Best Songwriter, Best Producer (Dan Workman), Best Keyboards, and Best Other Instrument.

Damn, Houston. THANK YOU.