the wheel workers - citizens


"They are simultaneously brilliant and down-to-earth, sincerely progressive and catchy as hell, that rare band that can incorporate thoughtful politics into music while keeping things fun and engaging...The Wheel Workers are freaking awesome, and [with Citizens] they’ve gone a very different direction from the path they marched down last time. And it’s good. Oh, is it good." - Jeremy Hart, Space City Rock


"On their third full-length album, Citizens .... is Higginbotham's best and most fully realized set of songs to date." - Chris Gray, Houston Press

"Loving our latest track premiere ["Yodel" by] Houston's brightest hope. Damn. Seriously righteous."  - BLURT

"if you happened to miss when I said that this record was top notch, then I’ll just say again that it’s a true masterpiece.." - David Garrick, Free Press Houston


Vocals, Guitar / Steven Higginbotham

Keyboard, Vocals / Allison Mcphail

Keyboard, Guitar / Craig Wilkins

Bass / Matthew Schwabenbauer

Drums / Tyson Sheth




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News & Updates


We're very excited to announce release of our new video, directed by David Nguyen, for our song "Burglar."  Called by Texas Monthly "Wes Anderson-like caper," we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we had fun making it.