• 05/01/2015
    The Summit - Houston, TX
  • 05/02/2015
    Pecan Street Festival - Austin, TX
  • 05/10/2015
    Pop Shop Houston - Houston, TX
  • 05/22/2015
    Fitzgerald's - Houston, TX
  • 06/13/2015
    Numbers - Houston, TX

We're thrilled to annouce that we've just signed on to work with legendary Houston producer Dan Workman (ZZ Top, Lyle Lovett, Destiny's Child, Winter Wallace, Pain Teens) on the next album!  Don't expect to hear any of it for quite a while since we're just getting started, but the wheels are turning.

In other news, our friends Boy+Kite have invited us to play with them at The Scoot Inn on my birthday, June 10th, in Austin.  One of my good friends, former roommate and bandmate, Giuseppe Ponti, plays bass for them, and they are great. 

We're also working on playing a couple of festivals in June (no, not Free Press Summer Fest...but we plan on doing that one next year), so stay tuned!